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getting you up to the minute on tonight's top stories. a fire in baltimore kills one person and leaves investigators searching for clues. crews got a call that flames were coming from a house on highgate drive near the race course. they found the fire in the basement and put it out. during their search, they found the victim. her identity has not been released. right now, arson investigators are checking the scene.
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a loyola university student remains in the hospital, recovering from a form of bacteria's roommates have been checked out and given antibiotics. they were also told what signs to look out for over the next few days. but doctors told us, in order for her friends to contract the disease, they would have to be in very close contact with her for more than just a few minutes at a time. the mother who confessed to killing her two-year-old daughter says she thought the child was possessed by evil spirits. chelsea booth says police told her that her -- police say that chelsea booth says her husband placed a muslim curse on the baby. police found the little girl's body last last night in a trash container that had been placed on a train headed for the carolinas. look at these pictures. just minutes ago, a statewide ban on driving went into effect in rhode island. this is video of salt trucks hitting the highway there. it's a lot worse now. and in massachusetts, at least 5,000 people are already without power because of this
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storm. unbelievable already. >> it's a mess that needs to stay up there. what does it mean for us? hopefully not anything like that. let's check in with wyatt, with abc 2's most accurate forecast, in the storm center. we've had basically a few wintry showers north and west of the city. we're gonna get some of those tonight across the northeastern corner of the state. we will get the cold air, cold wind. but so far, temperatures above freezing statewide. even up in philly, they're at 37. any wintry precipitation is not going to stick. cecil county with a winter weather advisory right now. there will be wind concerns just about over the entire state. the northern part of the state with a wind advisory. coastal flood concerns too, because this thing is really ramping up. off the new jersey coast, look at the incredible amount of snow. basically, new york city, north into boston, even all the way
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up into bangor, maine. we'll have much more on how things will play out, coming up. all right. it looks like we're going to dodge the worst part of this potentially historic storm. >> folks up in harford county and cecil county, they're going to see some wintry weather up there. >> christian schaffer is live up there. >> reporter: no driving ban in effect here in maryland. even is out trying to get home in the rush hour. a very wet one, though, here in the northeastern part of the state. and that's the concern going forward, is if the temperature drops a little bit, that some of this rain could freeze. crews are out across this part of our viewing area, making sure they're ready. take a look at video we shot earlier, i-95 of course right during rush hour. you can see that the salt trucks were out, ready to lay it down. however, all we've seen this afternoon has been first, a slow mist, and now a pretty hard rain. nothing that the salt would
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help with, so they have not been deploying that. but, again, they are ready just in case they have to do that, in case we get into some freezing rain or sleet. temperatures are expected to stay warm enough through the rush hour. that could be a little different more to the northeast, up in cecil county, where they could see actual snow from this gigantic storm hitting new york and new england. crews here say they are ready to do what they have to do in case it gets bad here. >> we've had crews out since 3 this morning, because last night there was a chance of freezing rain and sleet. we always have to be prepared. once again, looks like we're going to have another something come through during rush hour. whether it's rain or freezing rain or sleet, anything that happens during rush hour causes issues. >> reporter: yeah. it doesn't take much to get a tough rush hour here, as we have seen on a friday as people are trying to get home. another concern we're looking out for is the high winds. we see gusts. we could see trees down across
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the area. bge put out an alert for that earlier, saying its crews are also ready to respond in case there is any kind of a problem. ugh. they seem to have three maryland state troopers heading somewhere fast. we'll check on that. if it's anything, we'll get back to you. for now, we're life in harford county, christian schaffer, abc 2 news. driving bans, flights cancelled. and thousands without power. >> people in new england are hunkering down to avoid scenes like this. there was a 19-car pileup outside of portland, maine. officials are using this incident to drive home the point that people should stay off the roads. when the power goes out, a plan is in place to get it back on in hours, not days. >> we do have staffing levels that we expect most customers will be restored within 24 hours from the time they report
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their outage. >> 3500 flights have already been cancelled. to top it off, there's also the threat of flooding along coastal areas. all new at 5:30, former president george h.w. bush is the latest victim of computer hacking. >> the hacker gained access to confidential e-mails between members of the bush families and their friends. >> reporter: anyone with an e- mail account knows the risks of a cyberattack. >> it happened millions of times a day. hacking is an everyday occurrence. >> reporter: but it turns out, it can happen to former presidents too. an unidentified hacker was able to gain access to private photos and e-mails between members of the bush family, between george h.w. bush and george w. bush. the secret service is investigating how they gained access to three years of personal e-mail. the hacked e-mails included phone numbers and home
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addresses for dozens of members of the bush family. even more shocking, the security code for george h.w. bush's home in dallas. they posted several photos online, including one of the older bush in the hospital. former presidents have in person secret service protection. but how could this security breach have happened online? former agent brad garrett said it could be as simple as a computer not having up-to-date security patches. and if someone is using a free nongovernment e-mail account, a hacker can easily gain access. when a big fish like a former president is hacked, the hacker gloats online. but how would the average person know if their account has been compromised? >> the only way you ever typically know is when something comes out like your own personal e-mails end up online or you notice irregularities in your banking account. >> reporter: a spokesman for the bush family says a criminal
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investigation is underway. when hackers want to send a message, they bust into your system. >> we're going to tell you which federal agency is dealing with a security breach and who is already claiming credit for the cyberattack. when a package shows up dented and damage, you've got no one to blame. until now. the technology which will shake up the way you send those packages. and we're tracking the storm very closely on maryland's most powerful radar. some wintry weather possible in parts of maryland tonight. i'll let you know if it impacts your neighborhood, straight ahead. this is so sick!
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not even the federal reserve is safe from hackers. the feds released a statement saying they handled a brief security breach on their website. a twitter account that claims to be affiliated with the hacker group anonymous say it's behind the attack. they say the breach did not affect critical operations. by now, you've seen the video of the delivery guy tossing packages willy-nilly. they took a beating. but it can be tough to prove who actually damaged your deliveries. but new technology may help with that, thanks to a drop tag, a tiny sensor you stuff
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with your stuff before you ship it out. it sends along the data to your phone so you'll know not only where your package was damaged but also where it is at all times. the company that makes it hasn't said when the device will hit the market. here in the digital aid, with texting, facebooking, okay, dating is a whole new ball game right now. we'll break down the rules and do's and don'ts for every stage of your loving relationships. a card that gets you the best food and drinks at any restaurant sounds like a dream. but it's for real. we'll tell you how you can get it. and weather-wise, you know the drill. big storm on the map. some impacts to northeastern maryland. we'll talk about what you could be facing in cecil county, straight ahead. abc 2 news is a proud partner of johns hopkins children's center.
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and now, maryland's most accurate forecast. all right. starting off with a check on maryland's most powerful radar. yes, the storm is impacting new york city up into the long island area, up into new england, just as anticipated. here in the northeast corner of the state, we are getting some wraparound banding. this is just the very back edge of the storm. right now, again, just a little bit of wintry type showers from harford county, bel air, across through perryville. this ban will continue to drift up into rising sun and elkton, even cecil. remember this, temperatures at the ground level are above freezing, so it's not like this is going to stick very well at all. i want to show you our 3d view. the big action is up north. yes, locally a few bands on back side of this thing, but take a look at the size and scope of this powerful storm. and it's just beginning to
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really intensify. the center of circulation, about 300 miles off of ocean city. this thing is only going to continue to ramp up tonight. unbelievable weather in new england. high winds and cold air will wrap around from the back side of the system into our area. this is boston. rain to snow and now heavy snow up here in the land of the red sox. and this is going to keep cranking all night long in bean town. back here in baltimore, 37 degrees. winds are northwest at 6. we expect the winds to continue to ramp up tonight into tomorrow. plus, saturday, cold day. temperatures now above freezing statewide. that's good. means any showers that hit the ground are probably not going to stick. windy conditions will be the story. we already have gusts around 25. that's going to be the case i think statewide as we go into the early part of the day tomorrow. winds will diminish late saturday. you can see the center of the
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circulation, right off ocean city. for the most part, this is going to be just a narrow window of time where we have the threat for any wintry weather. even in cecil county, most of this activity is going to be over in a very brief period of time, no later than midnight. overall setup, you is see this thing merging into a big powerhouse storm. it will make its impact felt right through tomorrow morning. the snow totals are going to be huge, up toward the cape cod area and nantucket, 21 inches. more than 22 in boston. nothing like that here, maybe a quarter inch, up to an inch and a half. elkton is our one town of concern locally. tomorrow, 38, windy. tomorrow night, 20, cold but winds will diminish tomorrow night. next few days, temperatures actually begin a warming trend,
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into the mid 40's an sunday. we'll be pushing 50's on monday, bringing in the threat for rain. not a wintry mix this same, just rain for monday. there you go. a little bit of everything. biggest impact, again, it's going to be windy, blustery, and cold tonight into early tomorrow. well, we are less than a week away from valentine's day. time for love! >> aw, so sweet. if you are about to celebrate -- >> there are some digital do's and don'ts to keep in mind. here's the latest. >> reporter: thanks to social media, the details of budding relationships can quickly be amplified through an entire list of connections. that can really squash a spark. online etiquette expert says with courtship getting digital, it has created a new list of do's and don'ts. a first date, do put the smartphone down. >> it sends a bad message to
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your date that maybe there's somebody more important than the person sitting across the table from you. >> don't post all of those early date details on twitter or facebook. >> in the early stages of a relationship, share very little about what's going on with your new beau. the reason is, you're dating people. he's dating people. we don't know how many people each other is dating until you have become exclusive and, of course, had that talk. >> reporter: for those in a relationship on valentine's day, don't lose friends and followers by oversharing. >> if you're posting your play- by-play about your romantic rendezvous, arriving at the hotel, flowers in the room, going to dinner, sipping champagne, you know, it sends to be a little too much. >> reporter: and do keep in mind who might be on your sweetheart's list of facebook friends, coworkers, a boss, family members, even parents. those wall posts you think are sweet could be downright embarrassing to your valentine. and speaking of manners,
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grammy organizers have a request, a new request for music's biggest stars this year. cover up! the producers of the show sent out a memo earlier this week to nominees to tell them to keep their breasts, butts and genitalia covered up. >> i wish i had seen that e- mail. all right. and the oscar goes to hundreds of us. right here in baltimore. this is part of the oscar road trip to get you psyched up and ready for the academy awards. you can watch them on february 24, sunday, starting at 8:00, right here on abc 2. >> did you see some of the pictures folks in the newsroom got? really cool. well, the misery behind the power outage that nearly derailed the ravens' win has finally been solved. >> it was a faulty device that had been installed as a safety mechanism to keep the superdome
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lit in case there was a power failure. but it triggered. ravens' wide receiver and kick returner jacoby jones stopped by jimmy kimmel live last night. >> he talked about his amazing field return for a touchdown, of course. but he also talked about the 34- minute delay that got nearly as much attention. >> now, the lights went out not long after that. >> i think, yeah. i was tired. >> nice head band. you can catch jimmy kimmel live week nights right here on abc 2 at 11:35. cam cameron got a new job today. he is close to become the offensive coordinator at louisiana state university. he was fired by coach harbaugh. and we know what happened
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afterwards. the deal is expected to be announced officially next week. imagine a car that gets you free food and drink. >> there is such a card. but guess what. restaurant owners hate it. they are furious about it. john matarese explanation why, so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: if you want a restaurant, there are a few things as harmful as a bad review. it can hurt business and send customers somewhere else. that's why many restaurant owners are upset with a new restaurant review program that some are calling a form of extortion. >> let me get this out of the way for you. >> reporter: going out for a meal isn't cheap. we all want good service. but now there's a little black card that says treat me well or else! it has restaurant owners like joe santorelli worried. >> i think that's the scariest part of it, to say, if i don't take extra special care of a
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certain guest, how is that going to hurt me in the future? >> reporter: he's talking about the reviewer card. it pretty much guarantees you better service and freebies because it indicates you're going to write an online review. the card is far from free. it will cost you $100 to become a, quote, reviewer. but that's not why the restaurant industry worries. >> it's a form of extortion. >> reporter: eileen doesn't hold back about how she feels. >> who is the fool, you know? the guy that started it or the people that are going to pay him $100 for that? >> reporter: some call it extortion. forbes magazine just calls it a terrible idea. >> i think when people go out to dine, they expect that, because that's the nature of the business. and i don't think there's any need to force the issue or ex tort that kind of stuff. >> reporter: want good service? ross says you don't need a card. just look your waiter or waitress in the eye and put
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down the cell phone. remember to take all online reviews with a grain of salt. the most flattering ones might be written by did owners themselves. the worst, by competitors or someone who didn't get a free meal. that way you don't judge on the basis of one bad review and you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. coming up, all brand-new at 6, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, especially when it comes to facebook. why users are taking a break. plus, a super bowl champion makes a special visit to middle river elementary school. what important things he had to say to students today. now, a preview of what's ahead on world news at 6:30. coming up, our extreme weather team spread out through the blizzard tonight. we'll show you what it's like if you're battling 70-mile-per- hour winds in all that snow. coming up on world news.
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well, the cops are finally starting to move in on a squatter who has been living in a mansion with an ocean view for absolutely nothing. >> living the high life. 23-year-old andrew barbosa used a little-known statute called adverse possession. but police finally moved in today. nobody was inside. only barbosa's possessions were left inside. barbosa's use of the law has spawned a lot of copycats. well, a loyola university student continues to recover from bacterial meningitis. >> why doctors say this case should not cause panic. that story coming up on abc 2 news at 6, which starts

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